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Good day to all thinking of importing a stunning Nene Defender.

For many years we have assisted our clients in storing, loading and shipping their Land Rovers. It has always been our pleasure to take the worry out of shipping your vehicle. Our team can look after it in our secure storage facility at the Land Rover lifestyle centre until the day arrives to ship. Careful planning will allow completion of your Defender and thorough checking prior to short or long term storage. If the vehicle remains in our secure storage facility for longer periods we will take the time to check and test it once more prior to either loading it into a shipping container at our works or transporting to a UK port. We will advise on the situation with regular updates on shipping dates and paperwork needed to make sure all goes smoothly from door to door. We often have trade partners around the world that can assist you once your Defender has landed. Your stunning Defender will always be safe in our hands.


Our long standing experience working with our customers has put one message firmly in our mind. That is to give your self and our team a sensible time frame to have the right Defender in stock and available for purchase. Even though we carry one of the largest stocks of Defenders just about anywhere, approaching 150 vehicles available from stock at any one time it is possible that we may have to source the correct model to suit your requirement. If it is to be a brand new Defender as the base for your Icon then manufacturing lead and order time may be around 10/13 weeks from date of order so please plan ahead. Build time once at our works is generally one to four weeks. For very involved commissions time frame may be longer. This is even more important if it is a new left hand drive Defender as there is generally a lot less new built Defenders in left hand drive form available so please always try to plan ahead so we can help get you out there in your stunning Defender Icon. We will always try to provide the right truck either from stock or through our vast network of contacts developed since the early days of Nene Overland in 1988.


For quotations please call or email Keeley Starmer our Icon sales admin manager. Keeley is most efficient and will come back to you within 36 hours if a shipping quote is required. We may be able to advise rough estimates on costs quickly, however exact quotations will have to be confirmed by our shippers. Please understand that shipping costs are continually changing due to global fuel costs.We can advise on secure container shipment or roll on roll off where your vehicle will be driven onto the boat. This method is generally 20 to 30% cheaper but obviously far less secure. Container shipping is generally recommended for long distance and to continents where security is a concern. We can quote to load and tie down your vehicle at our works, transport it by road to a UK port or overland by truck around the EU. We will work with you to confirm the safest and most efficient method of transporting your Land Rover anywhere world wide.


Keeley Starmer
Sales administration manager

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Shipping / Export
Shipping / Export