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Over many years, right from the start we have involved body repair and modification within our business. Due to the Land Rover Defender being so versatile it has encouraged all manner of body, chassis and mechanical upgrades and modifications. We are able to convert all wheel bases to soft top, hospitality game viewer, camper, safari, ski bus or tipper body. We have four different designs of soft top to cover your Defender offering roll over protection if required. Our in house coach works shop is driven by a team of 5 craftsmen who have the spread of skills to cover any requirement. It is great to know that our body shop team proudly has steerage from two traditional craftsmen who have been in the industry for 40 years or more supported by three painters and traditional panel beaters.

If we can't source it we will make it. Often our clients require something adding to their Land Rover that is not on any body?s shelf. We will design and manufacture to cover your requirement. We continue to work very closely with a local steel fabrication and manufacturing facility which offer fantastic versatility and quality finish especially for folding panels and aluminium work. So what ever may be your requirement we have it covered.


There is regular demand for longer bodied Defender station wagons, commercial bodies and camper conversions. Clients often require more leg room or ability to accommodate larger number of passengers, tools and equipment. To achieve this we will take a standard 130 wheel base Defender double cab remove the roof and rear pick up body and coach build a longer station wagon body and roof into the existing front body section. This will create a clean traditional extra long wheel base station wagon with 5 doors. The ability to move the front and middle row of seats further back for much more leg room is now an option. Massive rear storage for equipment and the ability to accommodate a further eight passengers behind the middle row may give you up to fourteen seats. This long 130 station wagon conversion also lends its self to utility or camper conversion. We are currently building a brand new 130, 5 door utility ambulance for a mountain rescue team here in the UK.


If you want your Defender to last the test of time we can hot wash clean your under body and chassis and then apply a waxoyl treatment to protect it from the elements and road salt. Waxoyl treatment is highly recommended on all land rover vehicles due to the use of mild steel on the chassis, bulkhead and inner door frames. We are able to apply waxoyl to inner door frames and bulkhead. We have a state of the art waxoyl facility at Nene Overlands Land Rover Lifestyle Centre. Check out waxoyl or click on our web page on the Nene Overland home page. Our friendly service can turn around the complete cleaning and waxoyling process within 24 hours. We offer loan cars or local attractions and accommodation. Check out our hospitality page.

DEFENDER ICON, born out of passion and versatility since 1988. Thank you for viewing our website and travelling through Nene Overland at the Land Rover Lifestyle Centre. We hope we may be able to help whatever your requirements large or small. Our team look forwards to working with you to deliver the right truck for fun or work out there. Regards for now from Andrew and Stephanie Harrison - Smith and the team at Nene Overland in Cambridgeshire county, United Kingdom.

For first hand advice and quotations please contact Paul Drury Bodyshop47 Manager or check out 07429702888
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