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Our heritage has always led us to offer opportunity for our clients to upgrade their Land Rover vehicles to add more power, refinement and fuel economy, particularly with the diesel engine conversions. Today's modern turbo diesel intercooler engines can offer similar and sometimes better performance than the big V8 petrols. Particularly where our clients require lots of low down torque and H P for heavy commercial towing. For those who still need that great sound of the big petrol V8 motor we are happy to assist with various options, Rover or American turn key V8 solutions delivering up to 500 bhp with supercharged options. Since the early years of Nene Overland we have been upgrading the older Defenders with 200/300TDi 2.5 litre diesels. Prior to that various Isuzu and the larger GMC 6.2/6.5 V8 bi turbo diesels have been fitted by Nene Overland.

In more recent years the all concurring International 2.8 TDi power torque engine has proved popular. Great reliability and simplicity with a huge gain in low down torque suits larger heavier Defenders or extreme off road or expedition use. We were the first company to fit the BMW 6 cylinder TDI into classic range rover and the first company to fit the latest TD5 Land Rover diesel into previous models of Defender. Coming right up to date we have been developing two hi speed diesel engine upgrades. Both are suited to automatic or manual post 2007 Defenders for far more bhp, torque and refinement.


Lift the hood on your Defender with one of these fitted and you really would not think it was anything other than a L R factory install. The game is only given away once you clock no 5 diesel injector. It looks so neat fitting beautifully. Turn the key and one will instantly know it is not the stock 2.2/2.4 TDci motor. That old TD5 rough burble and great exhaust note is back. You can now have the great 5 cylinder sound, refinement of the more comfortable, quietness of the recent puma Defenders with Land cruiser pulling power and performance. 200 bhp in standard set up. After uprated intercooler, sports exhaust, hi flow intercooler hoses, air cleaner and performance map one can have between 250 and 280 bhp available with the possibility of breaking the 300 bhp barrier if hybrid variable vane turbo is added to the mix.

We would recommend installing the heavier duty MT 85 6 speed gearbox to take the sheer power and low down torque this installation will give. We are currently developing an automatic gearbox option to go with it. You will then have it all. Great sound and attitude from the raunchy 5 cylinder, massive power and torque all in front of strong reliable auto or manual gearbox. We will continue to work hard to deliver a very factory like installation so all will only know once the engine is fired into life.


For those looking for silky smooth refined sound and power delivery our diesel V6 Land Rover engine conversions may hit the spot. 6 speed H D or ZF automatic options will cope with the performance and smooth out your city driving. Twin turbos are set up in a way as to give boost low down the rev range and right through to the top end which creates smooth effortless power delivery. We now have a stunning new 'sports' centre console that wraps round the cabin centre sweeping down from high up the Defenders dashboard carrying the auto gear shifter and sumptuous centre arm rest. Encased in the rear cubby is a huge base subwoofer system to get your sounds moving.

These 2.7 and 3.0 V6 units can deliver up to 320 bhp with massive torque and power. For best advice on which would be the best fitment to suit your needs and driving style please catch up with our team today.

For best advice and quotations contact: Andrew Harrison-Smith Tel: 01733 380687

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