Defender Icon - Suspension


After 25 plus years of enhancing the performance of Land Rover vehicles and sports cars we are able to advise and guide our clients to get the best out of their vehicles whether it be to have the most precise road holding, cornering and braking affect to surprise the more conventional motor car drivers out there. Out and out performance will always require the right suspension set up with braking performance to match. The right combination of all will give you the most fun behind the wheel with the least effort giving you more enjoyment, less stress and far more safety. Your vehicle will also be far less prone to mechanical failure if it is set up correctly for optimum performance. This philosophy will carry through for any who wish to work their defender hard in commercial environments, heavy towing and load carrying etc or overland expedition trucks carrying lots of kit and equipment.


We can add heavy duty suspension systems at standard, lowered or higher ride height to suit your application. Our favoured set up for heavy duty application and expedition use is Old Man Emu springs and shock absorbers. OME products can be obtained the world over and are able to be fitted without any major modifications. For fast road application we will recomend Fox V2 race performance rebuildable shocks which we generally have valved and set up to suit the Defender and driving style required. They give the car a much more sure footed precise drive holding the vehicle much steadier while fast cornering with much smoother rebound which will take away all that pitching, particularly from shorter wheel base 90 models. These shocks will work very well off road across rough undulating terrain at speed and continue to work for longer with the remote reservoirs due to twice the oil capacity keeping shock fluids far cooler, particularly in hot conditions or prolonged hard use. Combining Fox shocks with bespoke springs tailored to suit each individual Defender according to weight carrying requirement, ride height and hard or softer ride we can make your Defender perform so much better.


The addition of a range of anti roll bars will complete your driving experience holding your vehicle very steady reducing body roll by more than 50% over standard set up. Generally we can use lighter duty springs with our Icon HD anti roll bars giving a smoother softer ride while enhancing cornering with far less roll and side to side lurching from the rear end. You will be able to make much sharper more precise changes in direction with the addition of our anti roll bars. On occasion we may suggest that suspension enhancement can be fitment of all three components, springs, shock absorbers and antiroll bar or starting with antiroll bar only then adding shocks and springs there after. This may suit when clients wish to take the more cautious route particularly when it is 90 and 110 Defenders for private and pleasure use rather than heavy duty commercial or off road use. One needs to get the ride, pitching and cornering set up to optimum with out compromising on ride quality, particularly creating a far harder ride after adding lowered suspension set ups for fast road use. The objective is to give the client a more comfortable ride, often 25% softer while vast improvements in cornering, less pitching and body roll. Fun in your Sport Wagon needs to be a smooth ride while maintaining far better performance which will put far less stress on driver, passenger and Defender.


Often after updating suspension further improvements can be made to make your steering feel much sharper and more precise. Upgrades are often worth investing in to compensate for wider, larger wheel and tyre combinations as well as changes in suspension set up. There are various ways one can aid far better steering feed back, feel and sharpness. Adding higher viscosity power steering fluid will add a smoother feel with less delay. Slightly smaller steering wheels also make for a much better feel while negotiating tight twisty turns. 15" steering wheels are ideal for the Defender, not being to small while making a world of difference over the standard clunky L R wheel. Minomito 15" steering wheels suit our Retro and Heritage Icons while a range of four Momo 38383 steering wheels look and feel the business across the Icon Range. The last advantage of adding these great looking steering wheels is that it naturally takes your elbow away from the Defender inner door top which everybody loves.


Uprated centre return steering dampers will take some of the work away from the PAS pump aiding a quicker freer return demanding less effort from the PAS pump. External coil springs on the damper are set up to take your steering back to centre with less effort. This compensates for larger, wider wheel and tyre fitment and the driver wanting to push on making everything happen that bit quicker with less effort. Discuss your requirements with Andrew H S

Fox V2 race shock