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Our depth of engineering ability gives confidence that the right call will be made on the back of 25 plus years of experience re-engineering all kinds of applications to make your Defender work right .

We will never be afraid to advise whether it be the simple or more complex route. Our first objective is to give the correct advice to all so the right upgrade is built into your truck and budget. We have a number of partners we continue to work closely with over many years to deliver the right solution or upgrade to the mechanical or electrical system to enhance the performance of your Defender.


Proving to be ever more popular is the addition of an automatic gearbox. Particularly when our clients spend lots of time city driving. We can offer variable mapping of gear change patterns to suite the set up of your vehicle. Three different levels of centre cubby gear shifter console from the standard satin black moulded NAS spec console and cubby, SVX spec leather trimmed cubby and centre console with twin puddle lights and our top end sports high line swept centre console and cubby with a choice of quilted and patterned stitch, hide and alcantara side walls and cubby centre arm rests with built in base subwoofer speaker system.

ZF HP 22 and 24 automatic gearboxes are the preferred way to give you reliable automatic transmission for your Defender. Larger diameter torque converters may be recommended for heavy use or high torque and H P engined Defenders. We are generally fitting 2/3 units a month both for the local and export market.

AUTOMATIC a disabled choice We are always very accommodating to help all enjoy the Iconic Defender. Not only can we make it easy to drive with automatic conversions but also work closely with Chris Elliott Adaptions who are able to offer all kinds of extra driver aids for those with physical restrictions wishing to continue to enjoy their Defender Icon. Please get in touch so you can get out there!


We are able to uplift your final drive gearing by 15% through fitting a set of upgraded gears to the existing transfer box. This is both popular when one wishes to aid fuel economy and quietness by dropping engine revs by 15% while traveling at the same motorway speed. It also works well when a smaller diameter tyre is fitted which would otherwise gear down you Defender. It works particularly well with TD5 models with high HP tuning options due to the TD5 tending to be a bit low geared.

For further uplift in final drive gearing we can offer a mechanical overdrive unit for TDi, TD5 and Puma models. Please enquire for more info and fitting costs.

For best advice and quotations contact: Andrew Harrison-Smith On 01733 380687


Any tuning upgrade may invalidate manufacturers warranty. We are happy to aid and advise on this and assist you if any none related warranty claims or repairs were necessary. As a general rule we have never experienced the manufacturer rejecting warranty requirements over the years. If in doubt it would be wise to consult ourselves prior to approaching your local dealer if warranty support is likely to be required.

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