Land Rover Defender Rallye Sport

áDefender Icon RS Edition 3.2TDci 110 Sport Wagon

We kindly invite you to take a journey with Defender Icon RS edition, the Defender drive of your life. Our design and development team have spent years honing true suspension and brake set up that surpasses all others. True sports car drive from a Land Rover to give the wolf in a sheepskin!
For the true wolf to run wild Icon tuning has a range of performance enhancements that work. All our engineering is driven over thousands of miles to test for perfection. The best tuning files available to pep your TD5 or TDci puma all with a range of bespoke engineered hi flow intercoolers and hose kits. Variable vane turbos for the max. For more we offer the ground breaking 3.2 TDci diesel fitment for huge power and torque or the Mustang 5.0 V8 multivalve petrol for the ultimate drive of your life. All our engine fitments are developed, wired, engineered and tested in house. Automatic gearbox fitment available for all. There is no other that has celebrated 25 years of trading and engineering to find that ultimate complete Defender as we have since 1988.
Others try to follow with their bolt on's and mail order trims for cheap resolve rather than follow a true passion for perfection as we do at the Defender Icon design centre here in the county of Cambridgeshire. If you are in the next county or far away dont let that stop you. We ship our stunning Iconic Defenders to all counties and corners worldwide, loading every week. We enjoy mixing our great experience and passion with clients inspiration to create the best look to suit, in the cabin and down the street. With interior style and comfort that journeys to new heights.
We will build the look to please your eye mixing in any body or interior colours, from the traditional Heritage to the flamboyant Retro editions.
Enjoy our latest state of the art Icon. Let it inspire you to work with use for the simplest cost effective resolve to give your Defender a lift in style, look and performance or commission our team to build the ultimate. New and pre owned Defender Icons and base Defenders await your attention.

Defender Icon 3.2 RS Edition 110 Wagon. The Spec!

3.2 puma TDci conversion 270bhp VVTurbo and tubular manifold santorini black body colour with contrast flame red detailing.
Defender 110 base XS TDci 7 seat wagon
Recarro Icon hand made sports seats
Full black bulls hide leather interior
Contrast anthracite centre dash panel
Dash mounted turbo boost guage
Full Icon symphony surround sound system, full cabin quiet ride 'skins' sound deadening program
22" RS edition RED sports alloys and cooper LTZs
Bespoke wide wheel arch kit
Icon tuning Alcon 340mm brake rotors and 6 pot callipers up front with vented and grooved up the back
Icon tuning progressive FOX V2 dampers
Sport ride suspension and anti roll systems
Icon tuning VVTurbo, hi flow hose, intercooler, air cleaner and map
Please enquire about any detail above to enhance your Defender or full dealer services for finance and part exchange on this stunning RS Edition.

áR S Edition - 90 and 110 SPORTS WAGON

Stunning creative inspiration delivered to connect with motor sport heritage from the days of Ford GT 40 & Porsche RS
Flair passion & beautiful fit & finish from Defender Icon design
Industry first with dash incorporated IPad mini with connectivity to Defender performance functions SAT NAV, personal entertainment via Icon symphony surround sounds plus all other IPad functions
Without doubt the best suspension & brake set up to give incredible cornering and braking effect for the most fun by far out there.
LR 2.2 TDci with Icon tuning drivers stage 3 performance pack
Bespoke VVturbo, sports exhaust, hi flow intercooler approx 190bhp
Evans waterless coolant fitted
5.0 V8 Ford Coyote Mustang power instal including supercharged 412-580bhp, automatic or manual gearbox
Icon creative design sports comfort interiors-choice of colours
Lambswool and bull hide leather with our own bespoke seat design
20 & 22" RS sports aluminium wheels with low profile LTZ tyres
This new RS edition 90 sports wagon is available now at ú79,995 inc VAT
Our RS edition is available in Santorini Black or Fuji White although the Icon creative design team will take commissions from clients for any body or interior colour combination
New Defender 110 XS wagon in stock in white or black - POA
Worldwide export service inc left hand drive a pleasure
New Defender Icon RS edition 2.2 TDci 90 sports wagon ú66,662.50
2.2 TDci 110 sports wagon ú74,995.83
2.2 TDci Automatic gearbox fitment ú6,495.00
5.0 litre Mustang V8-3.2 cylinder TDci fitment ú17,500-ú29,500
Competition spec HD axle upgrades-limited slip differentials úPOA
Above plus 20% VAT non EU vat free. Reclaimable for business user

DEFENDER ICON RS Edition - My Inspiration - Sales Director Andrew HS Gives The Clues!
During the spring of 2012 as with all my creative Defender thoughts, being aware of the stunning white bodied Porsche's that sat on bright red alloys and other discrete red detailing I just knew that look would work on our Defender Icon sport wagon editions. We had already nailed the handling and performance but needed to roll out a strong creative image to inspire our clients, incorporating lots of 2014 Icon model upgrades such as new grille, RS seats, sport cubby, centre console and the IPad mini dash pod. It works superbly, the Porsches also wore black bodies on red alloys and detailing so being able to offer the RS edition Defender Icons in both black or white body with red detailing hits the spot. To finish off the retro race look the classic Ford GT40 seats with alloys eyelets adds some real classy substance to the interior. One must also pay montage to those great Ford years in the world of rallying through the 1970s escorts that became the RS models to follow. What we have done is roll together inspiration from these giants of iconic motoring in the sports car world to give our clients a Defender based Icon edition that encompasses fast road, track and off road rapped up in what is the most stylish Land Rover edition out there. Let the RS edition be your inspiration and work with our ever keen team to add a little something to your Defender or comission us to give you the fully loaded RS edition with body and power plant of your choice anywhere in the world.

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