Expedition Travel and Preparation

Long before the start of Nene Overland global travel had been on Andrews agenda. Two years roughing all corners of the globe just helped cement the idea of leaving the well travelled ruck sack behind and getting out there in a Land Rover. Ever since we have been taking the Iconic Defender up rivers, mountains and across deserts just about everywhere one can imagine. Both in extreme winch challenge set up with short wheel base 90 or on overland expeditions, the past 40 years of association with Land Rovers from the the early days at Manor Farm have proved what a great vehicle it is and how well suited the Defender is for overland and expedition travel. Together with Kevin Mackman our expedition travel and preparation manager Andrew can guide clients for the best combination of vehicle and equipment to go exploring the world.

The very versatile Defender 110 station wagon and hard top tend to be the best suited, although the longer 130 wheel base works well when our clients are looking for more load and accommodation requirements. Nene continue to build specialist 110 and 130 campers. At present we have a client heading up to the Alaskan north in a Nene Overland supplied, prepared and built new Defender 130 double cab with Popup camper body fully expedition equipped for long term global travel. Are guarantee is to listen, buy into your dream and give the best advice to get you out there. It does not always have to be expensive and complicated. One can go travelling with minimalist philosophy or make your overlander as comfortable and convenient as you like. For me the first and most important message is concentrate on acquiring the best quality vehicle with the right spec to suit your needs and travel destinations. The best truck must come first. Make do with a little less kit and equipment in the first instance to enable the purchase of a better quality base vehicle as this will be looking after you while out there.

We will always advocate keeping things as simple as possible to aid littleness and reliability. Often it is our clients that will take the lead to make the build more complicated. Our advice is try to find the right compromise between to much complicated kit and specification and what you do really need to survive out there, and to stay out there living your dream. We will always be on hand at the end of the phone or email to help and advise wherever you are. Our commitment and passion for the 4x4 travel and overland experience has put you in touch with a company that really has done it. Has a great take on the right kit, the right advice and the right vehicle. We always stock a large number of pre built expedition or new and used base vehicles. Mostly Land Rover and Toyota. Dont forget that not all will feel that the Iconic Defender is right for them. We have always recognised this and advocate that the range of Toyota Land Cruiser and hi lux pickups are also well suited for expedition.

We are continually advising our clients as to whether Toyota of Land Rover would suit best. Alongside the Land Rover sales operation we are continually supplying and building Toyota Trucks for overland travel. To take your plan to escape to the next level feel free to contact Kevin or Andrew for straight forwards advice and commitment to deliver the right travel truck solution. We wish you all well finding your next adventure. Check out our expedition vehicles stock and preparation pages on the Nene Overland site as well as www.rooftent.co.uk. We are main stockists for Safetydevices roll over protection systems, ARB and Old Man Emu, Warn recovery winches and continue to be the European importer of Hannibal safari roof racks, tents and awnings. Which ever road you wish to take, we have it covered.

Expedition preparation and equipment manager
Bob Webb

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Expedition vehicle sale and consultancy
Andrew Harrison - Smith

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